In a previous post, we spoke about how to develop a positive attitude in the workplace. Positivity is vital to fostering a good workplace culture – and it starts at the top. When leaders are happy, workers are happy What do good leaders have in common? According to the World Health Organisation, good leaders are charismatic, they have a sense mission and purpose, they can influence people to work together for a common cause, they are decisive, and – critically – they can use creative problem solving techniques to create a positive working environment. When leaders are happy and empowered to do their jobs, they pass along that passion to their employees. So, it’s time to start investing in your supervisors.

Why do supervisors need to be good leaders?
Your business relies on its supervisors to fulfil many roles, including:
• Designing job roles and specifications
• Hiring the right employees for these roles
• Training employees to do their best
• Leading employees
• Managing their performance
• Creating and leading teams
• Fostering a positive work environment

To help your supervisors perform their many duties to the best of their abilities, they need to learn essential management skills. Your supervisors are your key contact points with your employees – and failure to develop them will have detrimental consequences to your business as a whole.

Think of it like this: your supervisor is tasked with finding the right employee to work in the front of the store. Your supervisor needs to interview potential employees, identify a shortlist of the best candidates, and make a decision regarding the best fit for the job. Hiring employees is not a ‘gut-feel’ approach – your supervisor needs to have the necessary HR skills to make an informed decision. Otherwise, you have an employee who is not the right fit for the job – and your business will suffer.

At Career Skills, we offer exciting training programmes to help develop the supervisors in your business. Contact us to learn more.

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