COVID-19 Employee Training Course

During this time when there has been so much written and spoken about the Corona Virus, there are still so many who do not understand what it is all about and this gives us a better understanding what it is all about.

Course Description

This short slide show is to remind us daily what we should be doing to have consideration for everybody around us. To have the advantage of all the company’s greatest assets, not only being aware of the consequences of not being considerate, but also to let the world know that you not only understand, but care about every customer.

Programme Contents


Understanding the virus

  • How it impacts on us and the protection against it
  • What is the Coronavirus

How it spreads

  • Steps to take in preventing the virus spreading
  • What steps to take to protect yourself?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • What to do if you contract the virus?
  • So you have contracted the virus! What now?
  • Hygiene at home and at work

Estimated duration:  20 minutes

Who should attend

All staff members returning to work from lockdown.

Including drivers, warehouse staff, finance departments, sales department, tea ladies, counter sales, security, supervisors, line managers & managers

Instructional Format

Delivering training using a power point slide show, actual discussions, questions to be answered by facilitators

Key benefits

  • Everybody in the company is on the same page.
  • Customers know that the company cares for the staff who in turn respect and care for their safety.
  • Develop an attitude of consideration and awareness.
  • Greater employee motivation and confidence when dealing with their peers.
  • It will allow staff to cope with the initial hurdles they are faced within the working environment


  • Can be used for company induction training
  • Certificates of attendance can be issued
  • Slide show can be company specific

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