Supervision is a major aspect of managing and leading. There are certain roles and responsibilities and experiences that are highly unique to the role of supervision and highly critical to the success of the organization. Effective managers do not always make strong leaders. They must learn new skills and gain new self-awareness in order to influence those around them

The objectives of this training course are to equip the modern day supervisor with the necessary skill to deal with their staff on a daily basis in a manner that will ensure the smooth and effective running of their teams. Thereby ensuring a high level of productivity and profitability for the business.


Staff who are in line for promotion. Supervisors who were promoted but never trained.


The learning format consists of training, group discussions and practical demonstrations.

Delegates will then apply the learnings through role-play and assignments that are designed to reinforce the workshop learning objectives.

Develop interpersonal skills that help you communicate, listen and handle conflicts in your supervisory role Accomplish goals and control out-comes when dealing with staff peers, management and other departments.


  • Error Rate Reduction (training is
  • much cheaper than ignorance)
  • Reduced Employee Turnover
  • (resulting from poor supervision)
  • Higher Workplace Morale (through
  • more effective management
  • practices)
  • Reduced Recruitment Costs, and
  • Savings on Higher Salaries


  • Improved Communication (upwards and downwards)
  • Maximized Productivity (new employees will get up to speed faster through efficient initial training)
  • A Safer Work Environment (and compliance)
  • Company Protection (against legal action, disputes, or litigation)
  • Increased Cooperation (and reduced stress in the workplace)
  • Better Focus by Lower Management (on achieving company goals)
  • Better Education, (and updated skills of a multicultural work force)
  • Quicker Employee Adaptation (to the process of change in the work place)
  • Gain Basic Skills in: Problem Solving and Decision Making, Planning, Delegating, Internal Communications, Meeting Management, Managing Yourself, Become more effective at influencing others. Learn how to work with groups and teams to solve problems and accomplish projects

Synergies and principles of management and team leaders:

    1. The role and functions of management
    2. The role of supervisors in management
    3. Differences between supervisors and workers
    4. The newly appointed supervisor
    5. The communication model
    6. Time Management
    7. The control process
    8. Labour Relations
    9. Leadership

Managing Change
10. The changing role of leadership
11. The changing role of supervisors
12. Change Management

Team Building
13. Building high performance
14. What makes an effective team
15. How to build an effective team
16. How to motivate others
17. Performance management
18. Interfacing with other departments

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